Monday, July 21, 2008

Some Blogs I'm Digging Right Now

This is just a list of what I am reading right now. Some of these are food blogs, and some of these are not (but they are separated for your convenience!). I really don't like blogs with obnoxious advertising or (worst of all!) music, and I do like blogs that update often! So this list may change from month to month. Don't see yourself on here? I'm always looking for great new blogs to read, and I might like to read yours! Shoot me a message introducing yourself and I would love to read you too, or, leave a comment linking back to your blog. I've found some of my favorite writers that way!

Food Blogs I'm Digging Right Now
101 Cookbooks
Canelle et Vanille
Cate's World Kitchen
Dave Lebovitz
Gluten Free Girl
La Tartine Gourmand
Matt Bites
Simply Recipes
Smitten Kitchen
The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Non-Food Blogs
Be Wordy
Tom and Lorenzo: Fabulous and Opinionated
Fertile Hope
Laundry and Lullabys
Little Wonders
Our Little Pebbles
Paper N' Stitch
Passionate Homemaking
Post Secret
The Spohrs Are Multiplying

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