Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mmmm.... Fair Food

Of Culinary adventures, I don't think anything takes so much bravery as fair food. Where has this food come from? I don't know. What is is made of? I don't know! Will it kill me? MAYBE. Will we eat it? YEAH BABY. Like this corn dog - it looks like a lethal amount of processed and fried "meat," and it is:


We were disappointed by this corndog because although it claimed to be the "biggest dog in the world!" It was really just two dogs on a stick breaded and deep fried. Speaking if deep fried, I was really hoping to try some of that other infamous fair food I have been hearing so much about. You know what I am talking about: deep fried twinkies, deep fried snickers bars, etc. We didn't see any deep fried snickers, which is what I was really wanting to try, but we were able to find deep fried oreos! They fried them, drizzled chocolate sauce over them, and topped them with sprinkles and a light dusting of powdered sugar:

deep fried oreo

The prognosis? Horrible! One of the worst things I have EVER put in my mouth in all of my life! Nate was only able to eat one bite before gagging, and even I could only nibble away half of one. I am still holding out for the deep fried snickers - I think it could be good. However, that is going to have to wait for the next fair we go to. By the time we got to the oreos, the fair food was already giving us rumbly tummies, and we knew it was time to stop. We wisely decided to forgo all the vomit-inducing rides and instead rode the ski-lift across the fair grounds and then went home. And were both sick the next day. Oh well, it was fun!


  1. that looks very disgusting. i wud never put my mouth on that even if somebody gave me a million dallars. And i dont see why you did it either.

  2. no! it is SOOOO GOOD!!!! its probably just cuz u ate that corn dog, so u couldnt eat the oreo! but the oreo is all melted, and oh so good!!! had to have milk though. yum i want one right now.

  3. You probably think they are groos because you got them from a carnival. They are the best thing in the world when you get them from Val's Root Beer.

  4. Does anyone here know how to make these? I'd dont live in the States, but I'd like to try one of these :)

  5. Basically it's oreos dipped in pancake batter then deep fried. It's a lot better with just powdered sugar. Do NOT put chocolate syrup or any sort of syrup or sauce on them. That's probably what ruined them.

  6. I didn't like the deep-fried oreos either but LOVED the fried snickers.

  7. I have to agree w the other comments about deep fried Oreos - they are actually mind blowing. I'd like to find whatever pot-head toner first thought to enrobe an Oreo in a funnel cake and kiss him square on the face!

    The key, as with ANY recipe, is the quality of the ingredients. They have to be *real* Oreos. Have a blind folded taste test with naked Oreo and a naked knock-off. You will know what's what. Next, is the batter. It is *not* pancake batter. It is funnel cake batter. So much worse for you, but so much lighter,fluffier, and delicious. Finally, no toppings! Why would you cover anything you want to take good with chocolate syrup? It's like putting catsup on the finest aged filet. Just a touch of powered sugar for presentation. Nothing more.

    Please try these again, your waist line will want to punch me, but your taste buds will want to make out with you!