Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cherry, Cherry, Quite Contrary


It may be that while at the farmer's market last week, I bought a pound of the season's first cherries. And it might be that I had all sorts of wild plans for what to do with those cherries. Clafoutis. Cherry Pie. Cherry Preserves. Sweet cherry icecream. Something tasty to share with you.

Well it might have happened that I may have had a little sample of those cherries. And it's entirely possible that those cherries were absolutely delicious.


There may have been a little snacking here and there while I tried to figure out what to do with them. I may have required a few extra samples as to ascertain the best flavor pairings. It was purely scienific. Honest.

I was really careful not to eat too many. Yes somehow they all disappeared! Only the ugly ones were left. I have no idea how. It's a mystery. Probably some cherry bandit sneaking in and gobbling up all the cherries while I wasn't looking. Yep. That's probably it. So you see, it's the bandit's fault I don't have a cherry recipe for you.


Lucky thing the Farmer's Market is tomorrow. I think I'll get 2 lbs this time. Cause, you know, that pesky, cherry-eating bandit might be back.

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